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Emotionally Focused Therapy - Hildesheim and surrounding areas

Raspberry Hill - Emotionally Focused Therapy "To experience happiness is possible in every day, in every area of life, and most of all in your love relationship."
Hendrik & Christine Weiß

To dance life together is for a lot of couples their main source of happiness. What can be better then to experience yourself accepted and loved and to be there for each other in your partnership? To share love and passion and grow together, is what all human beings are longing for.

Conflicts in parterships are normal. But sometimes couples come into situations of escalation, and conflicts seem to become unsolvable. The communication freezes or spirals without a solution. Emotional injuries and anger dominate and it is more and more difficult to experience love and trust.

What happened? And what can be done to find back to love and trust?

Our work with couples in and around Hildesheim is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), one of the most suscessful and worldwide best evaluated methods to help couples to transform distrust and suffering to trust and closeness. EFT shows in a clear and honest way the key to happiness in a partnership. It helps to dance the dance of life together, and to feel welcome, accepted and loved by your partner and to support each other.

Couples who come to us…

  • … are in a crisis, and are looking for support.
  • … want to develop more closeness, passion and happiness in their partnership.
  • … want to find out whether and how their love can survive an affair.
  • … develop deeper trust - or build new after a breach of trust.
  • … are dissatisfied with their sexuality.
  • … are looking for a lasting solution in important matters.

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