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Raspberry Hill

Raspberry Hill - Eberholzen LandschaftOur place

Raspberry Hill is a lovely place in the middle of Lower Saxony in Germany. Around it, you find the magic hills of the 'Leinebergland' and the idyllic historical villages surrounded by green fields, which are so typical for the center of Germany. Raspberry Hill is situated in the small, quiet village called Eberholzen, nearby the famous 'Sieben Berge', the scenery of the beautiful fairytale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

On Raspberry Hill are growing love, insights, and raspberries.

The experience of connection is for us unique. Who from you is dancing Argentine Tango, knows probably this: Suddenly you are one with your partner. You became more together than just the sum of two individuals.
Connection is the beginning of happiness and growth.

‘Why is our place named Raspberry Hill?’

Different raspberry varieties are growing in the garden of Raspberry Hill.

Raspberries... are deeply connected with our feeling whole and being centered in the flow of life. We both share the same youth experience: being a free and happy child frolicking around in nature, collecting and eating wild raspberries everywhere... For Christine this was the beautiful environment of the Harz-countryside and for Hendrik it was the forests and 'Heide-velden' of Drenthe in the Netherlands.

‘How sweet the taste!’

Raspberry Hill - Our HouseThe name Raspberry Hill also refers to a famous zen-story: 'A man traveling across a field encounters a tiger. He flees but the tiger comes after him. Stuck at the edge of a precipice, he grabs hold of a root of wild vine and swings himself down over the edge. The tiger stands sniffing at him from above. Trembling, the man looks down, far below, where another tiger waits to devour him. The only thing sustaining the man at this point is the vine. Two mice appear, and little by little, they gnaw away at the vine. Suddenly, the man sees a luscious raspberry just within his reach. Holding on firmly to the vine with one hand, he plucks the raspberry with the other. How sweet the taste!'

The Raspberry

A Raspberry is a highly sensitive berry that can – given the right amount of sun, water, and fertile soil - become powerful bushes! Belonging to the genus of roses, raspberries are delicate and at the same time thorny. A raspberry bush is a very faithful plant. Raspberries are sweet as a dream and add a lovely, slightly acidic taste. Eating this lovely fruit makes us aware and connects us to being faithful in love, allowing us to look for balance and to seek our own deep aims and potentials. It is said that raspberries have healing properties.

So... welcome on Raspberry Hill!