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Tango Week, July 23 - 28, 2019

Raspberry Hill - Maja Petrovic & Marko MiljevicMaja Petrovic & Marko Miljevic join us for the 6th time for an international Tango-Week! This year the week takes place in the Tangowerkstatt in Hanover.

Maja & Marko are from Zagreb. They dance with a wonderful flowing and musical dynamic, and have excellent didactic skills. They teach their smooth and connected style of dancing through well-founded techniques.

This week is intended for advanced tangueros/as and tango teachers, who want to intensively train on all tango basics in a close flexible embrace, and develop at a high level. In addition to the daily classes and the práctica, this week offers a unique opportunity to interact intensively with other participants and to dance. Every evening we go to local milongas in Hannover, or organize one ourselves. The classes take place in a group of up to 15 couples, and in English.

Info: www.majaymarko.com. On YouTube you can find a lot of videos from their show performances.

Classes are in English. Maja and Marko also speak German, and other languages.

Level: The week is intended for advanced tangueros/as and tango teachers. Please send your tango curriculum or short video to welcome@raspberryhill.eu